Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Some readers' comments about "Sleeping with the Enemy - Achieving Collaborative Success"...

Here are just a few of my readers' comments about my book and blog. Explore the links to find out more...
TJ Seabrook

Howard Gadlin says:         

"Charles, your proposition of an institutional framework grounded in an organizational culture triangle is an interesting one that should be known to transdisciplinary researchers. I appreciate your plural interpretation of extant cultures, and especially the fact that political culture of power and influence is at the pinnacle." 
Roderick LawrenceProfesseur honoraire, Université de Genève (from

Craig Dalton says:           
               "Great stuff – perhaps the most important contribution this piece makes is to “name it.” The practice/problem Charles identifies needs to be named so it can be surfaced and addressed – hopefully “Taboo Triangles” will achieve this."

"Beautiful article that you've authored Charles M Lines. Thank you."
Tirrania Suhood Catalyst, Ecosystem-builder for the Commons and the Common Good


Tim Kemp says:
"I think it was Marcel Proust who said, 'The greatest journey in the world is not to see 100 countries through one pair of eyes, but rather one country through 100 pairs of eyes'.
Good article Charles. We need lots of diversity and collaboration if we stand any chance of glimpsing the bigger picture."

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 48. plant seed ideas in different places and nudge along other people's seed ideas

Plant seed ideas (suggestions about what to find out about, who to talk to and work with, and what to do, etc.) and encourage their nurture and development.

Plant seed ideas in different places and within different people. Encourage discussion of seed ideas by seeking feedback about them. Where a seed idea is taking root, encourage its growth by suggesting people get together to explore how it could be developed and applied.

As well as planting and encouraging your own seed ideas, nudge along the seed ideas of others: if one partner expresses an interest in another partner and his/her expertise and ideas, nudge them together; if partners ask why a person or organisation is not involved in the work of a collaboration, show interest in the query and (if appropriate) nudge them towards making contact with the person or organisation identified; if partners express enthusiasm for an idea, again show interest and (if appropriate) nudge them towards finding ways to develop the idea.

(Plant seed ideas in different places and nudge along other people's seed ideas to encourage dialogue and the sharing of ideas, encourage curiosity, and increase participation and involvement.)

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Sunday, 22 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 47. see what is in front of you

Enhance your ability to tap into the unusual by seeing what is in front of you rather than what you think is in front of you. Judge ideas rationally, based upon their merits. Do not allow your judgement of ideas to be influenced by your preconceptions about the people or organisations offering ideas. Focus upon "here and now" realities rather than "wherevers and whenevers" of generalised assumptions. 
 (See what is in front of you to not only enhance your ability to tap into the unusual but also increase inclusion and participation, challenge pre-conceptions and encourage curiosity, increase understanding and empathy, acknowledge value, and enhance your personal credit history of collaboration.)

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Friday, 20 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 46. tap into the unusual

Search for and explore unusual non-mainstream ideas. Open your mind to their possibilities and explore them with enthusiasm.

Work at seeing the ideas from others' perspectives. Work hardest at seeing the ideas from their owners' and users' perspectives; do your best to feel others' enthusiasm for their ideas.

Find ways to assimilate unusual ideas and approaches into the mainstream.

(Tap into the unusual to increase inclusion and participation, show respect and acknowledge value, encourage curiosity and challenge accepted ways of doing things, increase understanding and empathy, add to a shared history of collaboration, enhance reputations for collaboration, and reduce the negative effects of mainstream status.)

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Thursday, 19 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 45. share your enthusiasm

Share your enthusiasm for not only your collaborative work but also your collaborative relationships. Champion the collaborative approach and the development of collaborative relationships through your words and actions; allow your personal beliefs and feelings about the importance of collaboration and collaborative relationships to colour and enrich your language and guide your actions and decisions.

(Share your enthusiasm to show people what motivates you personally as well as professionally, help make implicit feelings and values explicit, and encourage empathy and understanding.)

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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 44. be curious about and enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey you are taking with others. Be curious about the paths you follow and welcome and embrace the surprises they provide. If you take an apparent wrong turn, be curious about where it leads. Pause occasionally to take stock. Where are you in your collaboration's journey? Where have you been? Where could you go?

As you and others have travelled together, what memorable events have happened and what insights have you and others gained as a result? What has each person learnt about the other? What has each person learnt about their collaboration with others?

What has been most enjoyable about your journey with others? Why was this? What has been most disappointing? What can be learnt from this?

(Be curious about and enjoy the journey to enhance your understanding of those with whom you are travelling, encourage curiosity and conversation, increase the flexibility and resilience of collaborative relationships, and enrich your shared history of collaboration.)

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 43. share and explore mistakes and make mistakes make things better

Be honest about your mistakes; share and explore them with others. Encourage people to share and explore their mistakes with you and each other. Crucially, focus upon how lessons learnt from mistakes can help enhance processes and outcomes: make mistakes make things better.

(Share and explore mistakes and make mistakes make things better to increase openness and sharing, encourage mutual trust, and emphasise the interdependence between people: the fact that people need to work together to overcome each other's mistakes.)

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