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Sunday 30 September 2012

Bite-size pieces: SOAR!

Make your partnerships SOAR!

Build the confidence and effectiveness of your partnership by identifying and building upon its strengths and accomplishments. 

The SOAR Model can help you do this:

SOAR stands for Strengths, Opportunities, Appreciations and Results.

To use SOAR focus a partnership's discussions upon the following types of questions:

  • What strengths have been demonstrated by a partnership and how can they be maximised?
  • What opportunities have been created by a partnership’s activities and how can they be exploited fully?
  • What has been appreciated about the way a partnership has gone about its work? This differs from those things identified under strengths by being qualitative and subjective rather than quantitative and objective. It is about capturing the positive opinions and feedback that are sometimes taken for granted and/or only partially expressed. For example, 'appreciations' could take the form of passing comments about the positive, welcoming and informed approach of the frontline staff who answer day-to-day queries from the partnership's customers and stakeholders. Once fully recognised and acknowledged, these aspects can be exploited to a partnership's advantage. (Frontline staff could perhaps be asked to play an enhanced role in developing relationships with key stakeholders and in encouraging them to support or take part in future initiatives and events.)
  • What results have been achieved by a partnership and how can they be built upon. Also, how can a partnership ensure that it gets credit for them?

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