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Friday 8 February 2013

Bite-size pieces: use the delphi technique

This technique is especially useful for partnerships that are widely spread geographically. An e-mail is sent to all those involved in the partnership asking them to evaluate the effectiveness of the partnership so far and identify those aspects that they think are of most significance. Then all the replies are collated and put into list form. These lists are then sent out to the same people as before, asking them to reply with their top ten most significant items. These replies are again collated and listed. These lists of ‘top ten’ items are sent out to the same people again, with an additional request that they reply with their top three items. This process of collecting, collating, disseminating and filtering responses can be repeated as many times as is deemed appropriate and useful. 

For maximum effectiveness this exercise needs to be followed by a meeting or conference that brings together all those who have contributed their ideas. They can then discuss and analyse the results in detail and think about ways to address the key issues identified.

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