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Thursday 12 September 2013

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

I have been familiarising myself with the work of Daniel H. Pink, who has identified the above three aspects as crucial to motivation.

It strikes me that these aspects are also crucial for effective collaborative working.


Is your collaborative initiative sufficiently independent to ensure it has a separate identity? Can it make decisions and implement actions without having to gain unnecessary approval from others? Can it go about its business and achieve its aims in ways that it, rather than anyone else, believes to be the most suitable and effective?  


Does your collaboration have access to the expertise, knowledge, skills and qualities it needs to achieve its goals effectively? Is it able to develop and add to these to meet the changing demands of its environment and those of the people it is seeking to support and help? Does it encourage its members to stretch and challenge themselves and master new skills and new ways of doing things?


Is the overall purpose or vision of your collaboration clear? Is it inspiring? Do people buy into it? Are people clear about how their various activities (and any money the collaboration may make) support and enable the collaboration to achieve its aims?

In short, if you want to be motivated get involved in collaborative working and use the above three aspects to help guide its development!

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