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Sunday 9 February 2014

Bite-size pieces: avoid the carousel syndrome

Looking far and wide for potential partners can help you avoid one of the great enemies of creative partnership working: the 'Carousel Syndrome'.
This describes the situation where the same old faces turn up to every new partnership initiative set up to deal with a particular set of issues and/or the problems of a locality.
This can lead to the same old approaches and ideas being recycled into new contexts.
It is true that what has worked before might well work again but, without the energising and transforming contributions of new perspectives, second hand solutions are unlikely to provide completely effective and satisfactory answers to the new challenges faced by new partnerships.

Two ways to avoid the 'Carousel Syndrome' are to:
  • Create a continually updated database of potential partners and contributors that is always consulted before contacting the usual organisations.
  • Hold 'Scouting Meetings' regularly during the life of a partnership to identify and engage with new organisations that may need to become partners in the future.   

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