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Friday 4 April 2014

A new type of leadership emerges...

Here is an interesting and engaging post by Jesse Lyn Stoner that challenges traditional, hierarchical perceptions of leadership and how it operates:

It explores the concept of emergent leadership, leadership that can spring from sometimes unexpected places in response to challenges and need. It also gives examples of organisations that have adopted less hierarchical, more flexible and permissive structures and cultures, so encouraging leadership to emerge from within rather than be imposed from above.

Identifying, encouraging and developing emergent leadership also play an essential role in helping separate organisations collaborate effectively. Whether it be a large international company identifying an up and coming social enterprise that can, with support, take the lead in pioneering a socially useful product or service (as with the partnership between Deloitte and the MicroLoan Foundation, which provides small loans and training to women in Malawi), or an international charity identifying a regional group that can take the lead in helping a specific population (as with the collaboration between CAFOD and AWARD, which helps women affected by the 2010 Pakistani floods make a living through selling goats), it is the energy, passion and commitment of newly found leaders, together with their unique experiences and expertise, that decide the difference between collaborative success and failure.

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