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Thursday 25 January 2018

Focus on the problem; don't just throw trendy words around

'Co-design, the Victorian secretary ventured, should mean trying to reach agreement on the nature of a problem to be solved, and opening up to a broader range of ideas and possible solutions.'
Gill Callister: Victorian Department of Education and Training Secretary (The quotation is from Co-Design, Collaboration, Engagement: Don't Just Throw Trendy Words Around an article from
Yes, engagement that is about collaboration to co-design must focus on the nature of the problem!
However, traditional thinking about engagement and collaboration has often blinkered perceptions.
Arguably, it has encouraged us to focus upon 'the best way to engage with stakeholders' rather than 'the best way to engage with stakeholders to solve the problem'
I am glad to see such a simple but frequently overlooked point being emphasised by someone to whom people might listen. This is, it has to be said, all too rare.

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