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Sunday 23 December 2018

Secrets of successful collaboration: 8. identify and exploit the relationship tipping point

During informal interactions, relationship tipping points occur. If these tipping points are identified, they can be reinforced and then built upon to encourage trusting and readily reciprocal relationships. Here is a colourful example of a relationship tipping point (plus my detailed analysis of how it was identified and exploited).
As my analysis makes clear, not all manifestations of relationship tipping points will be as colourful and dramatic as the one described: their exact nature will depend on the type and mix of partners involved, the context, and expectations about behaviour arising from the prevailing background culture.

For example, relationship tipping points that appear within many business and professional contexts are likely to be less energetic and "in your face" than the youth orchestra example. They will, however, be visible to those who look for them. They will appear (perhaps somewhat subtly) during the previously mentioned informal gatherings placed before and after formal meetings, within the previously mentioned informal timeouts, and within informal get-togethers planted beside conferences and training events, etc. They may even appear during informal social media group interactions (although these will be quite difficult to identify due to lack of physical proximity and reduced opportunity to notice behavioural cues).     

Whatever the context, doing the five things described within the above mentioned analysis will help you identify relationship tipping points and then exploit them to your collaboration's advantage.

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