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Monday 25 November 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 29. share your encores

When taking the lead role within a collaboration, ensure you share the spotlight with your collaborators. Make sure those who helped you are able to share the spotlight of your recognition. Focus especially upon those who usually play supportive parts in the background.

Offer your collaborators meaningful roles in follow-up and "spin-off" projects and events. When you are invited to make presentations about your achievements, ensure your partners are given the opportunity to speak about how they helped you. When you are asked to write about your achievements, do not only acknowledge the help you received but also include descriptions of how the skills and expertise of your collaborators were essential to success. When awards are given to you, find ways to ensure your helpers and supporters receive their share of the acclaim.

(Share your encores to increase your reputation for collaboration, increase inclusiveness, acknowledge the value of partners' contributions, reduce the negative effects of status and hierarchy, and increase the positive effects of equality and participation.)

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