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Monday 20 January 2014

Identify the OWNORS of your partnership or collaboration

All partnerships are unique. When evaluating the effectiveness of your partnership use this extended version of SWOT analysis to identify and exploit its unique or novel features:
  • What are the opportunities presented by the work and activities of your partnership and how could they be made the most of?
  • What weaknesses have been identified so far and how could they be overcome?
  • What aspects are novel, unique or unexpected about a partnership’s work and how could they be exploited to a partnership’s advantage?
  • What specific obstacles has a partnership experienced so far and how have they/could they be overcome?
  • What risks have been identified to a partnership’s work and how could they be managed effectively?
  • What strengths has a partnership displayed as it goes about its activities and how could they be maximised?

Many partnerships underestimate the uniqueness of their situation, context or makeup; they therefore fail to accrue any advantages that could arise from it. Do not make this mistake: identify your OWNORS.

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