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Sunday 24 August 2014

The more we collaborate the more we come into conflict

The business world is not immune from the 'collaboration equals more conflict equation'. If we take the time to look, we can see an example developing between the energy sector and the environmental movement. As fracking's potential to bolster multiple nations' energy supplies becomes ever more clear, the interest in it from national and global energy companies grows. They have brigaded themselves in favour of fracking and are developing a unified industry position or policy towards it (for an example click here). This will inevitably encourage energy and other complementary companies to collaborate ever more closely in finding ways to increase cheap access to natural gas, increase the uses it can be put to, and maximise the profit that can be made from it. Environmentalists have noticed this 'gathering of the energy tribes' and have started to mobilise their own tribes in response, seeking and bringing together diverse organisations and interest groups that can counteract the growing influence of the allied energy companies (for an example click here). Conflict becomes ever more inevitable as the capacity of each side to collaborate increases.

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