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Wednesday 12 February 2020

Some readers' comments about "Sleeping with the Enemy - Achieving Collaborative Success"...

Here are just a few of my readers' comments about my book and blog. Explore the links to find out more...
TJ Seabrook

Howard Gadlin says:         

"Charles, your proposition of an institutional framework grounded in an organizational culture triangle is an interesting one that should be known to transdisciplinary researchers. I appreciate your plural interpretation of extant cultures, and especially the fact that political culture of power and influence is at the pinnacle." 
Roderick LawrenceProfesseur honoraire, Université de Genève (from

Craig Dalton says:           
               "Great stuff – perhaps the most important contribution this piece makes is to “name it.” The practice/problem Charles identifies needs to be named so it can be surfaced and addressed – hopefully “Taboo Triangles” will achieve this."

"Beautiful article that you've authored Charles M Lines. Thank you."
Tirrania Suhood Catalyst, Ecosystem-builder for the Commons and the Common Good


Tim Kemp says:
"I think it was Marcel Proust who said, 'The greatest journey in the world is not to see 100 countries through one pair of eyes, but rather one country through 100 pairs of eyes'.
Good article Charles. We need lots of diversity and collaboration if we stand any chance of glimpsing the bigger picture."

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