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Tuesday 24 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 48. plant seed ideas in different places and nudge along other people's seed ideas

Plant seed ideas (suggestions about what to find out about, who to talk to and work with, and what to do, etc.) and encourage their nurture and development.

Plant seed ideas in different places and within different people. Encourage discussion of seed ideas by seeking feedback about them. Where a seed idea is taking root, encourage its growth by suggesting people get together to explore how it could be developed and applied.

As well as planting and encouraging your own seed ideas, nudge along the seed ideas of others: if one partner expresses an interest in another partner and his/her expertise and ideas, nudge them together; if partners ask why a person or organisation is not involved in the work of a collaboration, show interest in the query and (if appropriate) nudge them towards making contact with the person or organisation identified; if partners express enthusiasm for an idea, again show interest and (if appropriate) nudge them towards finding ways to develop the idea.

(Plant seed ideas in different places and nudge along other people's seed ideas to encourage dialogue and the sharing of ideas, encourage curiosity, and increase participation and involvement.)

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