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Wednesday 18 December 2019

Secrets of successful collaboration: 44. be curious about and enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey you are taking with others. Be curious about the paths you follow and welcome and embrace the surprises they provide. If you take an apparent wrong turn, be curious about where it leads. Pause occasionally to take stock. Where are you in your collaboration's journey? Where have you been? Where could you go?

As you and others have travelled together, what memorable events have happened and what insights have you and others gained as a result? What has each person learnt about the other? What has each person learnt about their collaboration with others?

What has been most enjoyable about your journey with others? Why was this? What has been most disappointing? What can be learnt from this?

(Be curious about and enjoy the journey to enhance your understanding of those with whom you are travelling, encourage curiosity and conversation, increase the flexibility and resilience of collaborative relationships, and enrich your shared history of collaboration.)

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