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Friday 3 April 2015

A deceptively simple approach to collaborative working

Here is a deceptively simple collaboration between the police and a women's refuge focused upon combating domestic violence in Northumberland:

As I began reading the above article I was struck by the simplicity of the approach: a police response officer and a worker from a women's refuge sharing a patrol car and visiting the scene of a disturbance.

Then, as I read further, my eyes were quickly and dramatically opened to the amount of effort and commitment that had gone into making this shared journey happen: slowly overcoming mutual suspicion and past resentments; very gradually building trust; carefully forming a shared understanding; finally uncovering mutual interests and aims.

Getting both these people into the same car to go to the same place at the same time for pretty much the same purpose had not been easy!  

Appreciating the difficulties and complexities that lie behind the most simple of collaborative acts is essential; doing whatever it takes to overcome them is priceless.

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