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Monday 6 April 2020

The characteristics of an effective collaborative culture: No.1

Collaborators will capture and share many rich and diverse stories about people, key relationships and associated significant happenings

The following stories will be amongst those captured and shared:
  • Stories about the unexpected: the chance encounter that led to an important relationship; the unexpected contribution that proved immensely valuable; the outsider who surprisingly emerged to take the lead. 
  • Stories about taking risks and being speculative: the people who were brave enough to break taboos to form new relationships; the innovators who were willing to take leaps of faith to find new solutions. 
  • Stories about key turning points: the point at which partners began to trust each other and work together effectively; the moment of truth that acted as a catalyst for collaborative progress and success.
There will also be precautionary tales: tales about selfish partners who took and exploited; tales about villainous partners who bullied or sabotaged; tales about misunderstandings and conflicts caused by geographical or temporal separation; tales of secret discussions and deals done behind partners' backs; tales about assumption, prejudice, exclusion and eventual rebellion; tales about collaborations fading away.

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