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Sunday 22 November 2015

Fourth Edition of 'Sleeping with the Enemy' now out!

The Fourth Edition includes a new extended chapter 'Why should The Devil Have All The Best Collaborations?', which explores what we can learn from the way criminals collaborate.

Here is an overview of the Fourth Edition's  Content:

 'An excellent book that outlines the value and benefit of collaborative working...' 
This book is about collaborative and partnership working best practice. It describes how to:
  • achieve the potential of partnerships and collaborations; 
  • engage effectively with hard-to-reach stakeholders; 
  • lead partnerships and collaborations effectively;
  • work well with competitors; 
  • identify differing organisational cultures and manage the interactions between them; 
  • manage partnership discussions effectively; 
  • encourage partnerships and collaborations to develop and move forward; 
  • deal effectively with the conflicting demands that lie at the heart of collaborative efforts; 
  • evaluate partnership processes and outcomes; 
  • appreciate and use the four principles that underpin effective collaborative working. 
The 4th edition includes a chapter entitled 'Why Should The Devil Have All The Best Collaborations?', which explores what we can learn from the way criminals collaborate. 
'Sleeping with the Enemy' is full of tools, techniques and approaches that you can apply to your day-to-day collaborative activities, and many of the book's ideas are explained through the use of practical examples and short case studies. 
If you need to set up, maintain and develop a partnership or any other collaborative effort, this book is an indispensable and insightful companion.

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