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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Bite-size pieces: the where and the when

'Criminals go to where their potential partners in crime are likely to be and they go to these places at times when they are likely to meet them, however inconvenient, anti – social or even dangerous doing so may be. 

Legitimate collaborations can certainly learn from this. They often suffer from the ‘Carousel Syndrome’ where the same old faces, the same old partners, turn up again and again and again, whenever a new collaborative initiative is formed. This does not enhance a collaboration's ability to be innovative or to benefit from new perspectives and insights. It also limits the pool of potentially valuable knowledge, experience and expertise a collaboration can call upon.

Being prepared to go to where more 'hard – to – reach' potential partners are, at times and in ways that are convenient to them, however anti – social or even dangerous these may seem, can make all the difference to a partnership's ability to engage effectively with its target audience and gain the knowledge, expertise and resources it needs to achieve its aims.'
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